Welcome to my writing site.

I didn’t start trying to write until late in life, and that effort has been almost entirely centred around the kind of practice writing you do in writing workshops and programs, and my main project for many years, a (soon-to-be-published) memoir of my experience as an adoptive father entitled “Adoption Unplugged.”

Future  projects include a graphic version of Adoption Unplugged, two childrens’ stories that deal in some manner with adoption;  a middle-school novel featuring dirigibles, high-rise farming, and parkour; and some fiction ideas that are knocking around in the back of my head and could end up as short stories or a novel. In time, I plan to have samples of these and other writing projects featured on this site.

About Me

I’m a retired architect, avid guitar buff, writer, husband, and two kinds of dad—step and adoptive. Mostly that translates into being just “Jaydad” or “dad.”

Born in Toronto, Canada, I moved across country in my twenties to study and live in Vancouver, B.C., got married to my wife Wendy and became step-dad to her son; took a three-year hiatus with my family to live, work, play, and (as it turned out) adopt in South East Asia, and now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The kids have now left home and have families of their own.

My studies in writing have included various privately offered workshops and a course on writing children’s literature at the University of British Columbia. I am also a graduate of The Southbank Writer’s Program at Simon Fraser University.


Adoption Unplugged

“In Adoption Unplugged, a father tells the story of adopting his daughter in the Philippines and examines the legal and bureaucratic processes that he and his wife had to endure in the first years of their daughter Leah’s life and the life of their family. The [memoir] goes on to describe their family life as Leah grows from infancy to adulthood—the good and the bad, the love and the frustration, the pride and the regret— all from her father’s perspective.
While the family’s love for Leah is unconditional and limitless, it is not enough to make her life’s journey a smooth one, as she has to deal with depression and anger, as well as other issues stemming from her perceived rejection/abandonment by her birth mother.”

Friesen Press

I plan to self-publish Adoption Unplugged by summer of 2018, ideally with the help of a crowd-source funding campaign. Stay tuned to this website and the “news” posts to find out when the campaign opens and, if you’re inclined, make a contribution–there’ll be rewards!

If you would like to find out more about the memoir, check out Adoption Unplugged website by clicking here.