About Me

I’m a retired architect, avid guitar buff, writer, husband, and two kinds of dad—step and adoptive. Mostly that translates into being just “dad.”

Born in Toronto, Canada, I moved across country in my twenties to study and live in Vancouver, B.C., got married a first time, then married again to my current and lifetime partner Wendy, becoming step-dad to her son. A few years later, I took a three-year hiatus with my family to live, work, play, and (as it turned out) adopt a baby girl in South East Asia. Wendy and I now live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Our son and daughter have long since left home and are busy raising families of their own.

My studies in writing have included various workshops and a course on writing children’s literature at the University of British Columbia. I also completed the Southbank Writer’s Program at Simon Fraser University.